Munich group show!



„Unfrisierte Gedanken“ ("Undoctored Thoughts")
Groupshow, 11/29 - 12/1/12, Munich

Robert Proch, Sainer, Bezt, Natalia Rak, Chazme, Sepe, Theosone

You can count them amongst Polands most successful and most seen young artists of the last years: Talking about Robert Proch, Etam Cru, Sepe and Chazme, Sainer, Bezt, Natalia Rak and Theosone. After numerous exhibitions, art fairs and murals all over Europe - INTOXICATED DEMONS has gathered all of them together for this highly anticipated group show in Munich as the highlight of 2012.

From november 29 to december 1-  all seven artist will represent exclusive new works. The show is titled "Undocotered thoughts" and follows the idea of the famous polish writer Stanislaw Jerzey Lec. Don't miss the show and be aware of exploring the works of 7 very different artists - that connects one major idea - "the freedom of thoughts".

Poster for

Poster I've made for my friend. This one was a quick shot, a bit of pencil work and a bit of digital manipulation... 

Sketching in Spencerian

I am working on some projects right now, and one of them is a logo based on spencerian script. I am making sketches using leonardt principal nib and Encre autentique ink and all that on an old paper... :)

La Skribita Vorto

La Skribita Vorto
Adam Romuald Kłodecki

in the Zamenhof Center Bialystok

La Skribita Vorto
meaning  'written word' is the title of the exhibition by Adam Romuald Kłodeckiego known
as Theosone - Polish designer 
and also a man who lives his passions like calligraphy,
lettering and street art.
On the exhibition you will be able to see the latest collection
of calligraphy work of the author, from canvas painting and cartons
banners, and murals, all in a distinctive mix of
black and white. La Skribita Vorto is dedicated in memory of
Adam's grandfather, Bialystok Esperantist, Lt.-Col. pilot, Leon



Sign design...

Working on a commission. The sign says Młoda Para (something like Just Married).
The final project will be made of laser cut steel plate attached to a fancy car. 
This is only one of many concepts... 

Elton John diploma sketches

Some sketches for Elton John diploma that Lech Walesa will give him. In the end I made five versions. I'll show them a bit later...

Time to show some logotypes...

I think it would be good to show the world the logotypes I've made... I have to find some time to prepare a nice portfolio, but for now I just collect them into one big file.

work in progress...

I am very busy these days, some of You are waiting for my work so I decided to show a little bit of stuff that is right now on my desk.

There still is a lot of works that I can not show before I finish them, but soon, soon :)

working hard everyday

Working hard every day... I need some time to prepare new stuff for my blog and other sites. I hope that soon I'll be able to show You my recent projects. And there is a lot of them... Cheers!

Character design

Here you can see some of my sketches from my sketchbook. I do a lot of them just for fun... I hope you like it, cheers!

Tony's tattoo

This is Tony from Florida. I made a tattoo design for him a long time ago, but he finally got it done :)

after all...

A piece I made one evening... Watercolor paper and some calligraphy nibs :)

every day I'm scribb'n

testing my tag markers...


Rough sketch made with PITT pen from Faber-Castell, pencil and a pocket knife for highlights...

brush pen custom lettering sketch

PITT pen from faber-castell