Color merge

I've found this pic from a year ago. It was a birthday gift for my friend Setka airbrush master. To create this I used a broad edge poster nib shown below.

This is a very good nib for ink work. If you want to create nice looking letters that have this particle of handmade work this is a good choice. It works amazing with talens ecoline (below).
This nib works fine on watercolor paper. To create this nice looking color merge just use one (lighter) color first to create the design and add the darker color while previous is still wet. In one of my old Youtube videos I have shown a way to create a different cool effect by writing with water and than adding ink drops to it...

Have fun !

Auf wiedersehen

All I hear in the radio or tv all day... 

Phonecall art...

I get a lot more patient when it comes to shadowing while I have a phonecall. I like to skratch that pencil without thinking about it...

The day is to short... night also

I have too many questions in emails regarding calligraphy/lettering tutorials, so I decided to work on it a bit. Since I have a lot of work on logotypes, custom lettering tattoo designs, fine art, illustrations, and also industrial design it is very hard to find time to prepare a nice tutorial/video but I will try.
I wish that day was longer and coffee never got colder... Thank You all for Your patience and for support on Youtube, behance or facebook.
All the best!