Signpainting workshops with Mike Meyer and Ash Bishop

Few weeks ago I've got a call from my great friend B.C. signpainter/pinstriper from Norway (BC Oslo) and he says: dude! I heard that Mike Meyer with Ash Bishop will be doing some workshops in Poland soon, but I can't find any info about it online...
We looked, but couldn't find anything, only a note on Mike's facebook page...
I saw that they are in Berlin and I thought that maybe they want to visit Poland as tourists or something.
I returned to my daily duties and forgot about it.

It was 14th of February when my girl Anna got a call from her friend from Good Looking studio. He said to her that they have some company workshops about signpainting and that they can take two more people.
What is the probability of this?? Crazy...
Anna told me about it, I told my other great friend Setka about it, and we went there full of positive energy.

Workshops were amazing! We have learned a lot about traditional signpainting but we also made a lot of friends.
In the evening of the 1st day there also was a screening of SIGN PAINTER MOVIE

The world is small these days... It turned out that we all have mutual friends all over the globe. We have to stay in touch and grow the great network of letterlovers!

Here are some photos I took between signpainting exercises.


Thank you for your time, best wishes!

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  1. Kurde, tak bardzo chciałam tam być! I miałam podobną sytuację, kilka dni wcześniej już się prawie zapisywałam na warsztaty w Berlinie, a tu nagle przyjechali do Warszawy.. no nic, będę samouczkiem :) mega zazdroszczę i pozdrawiam!

  2. Very cool! The movie was here in Bellingham a few months ago. Great stuff!

  3. just blogwalking.. Nice post and have a nice day :)