Adam Romuald Klodecki 'Theosone'

Born in Bialystok, Poland in 1984.
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Industrial designer, tattooer, illustrator and lettering artist mixing tradition
with modernity. The award-winning author in fields of Industrial
Design, Visual Communication, Poster Art and calligraphy. Polish ambasador of
Calligraffiti style. Member of ATAK crew (Anna Taut, Adam Klodecki).


2004-2009     Master of Arts Degree, Industrial Design, Visual Communication at the
Fine Arts Academy in Gdansk, Poland. 

Best Design graduation project in Poland 2009 award

1999-2004     Art Highschool in Suprasl, Poland. Speciality in graphic design and traditional graphic techniques.


2014        - Museum of Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland

2013        - STROKE Artfair, Berlin, Germany
                - Audi motorcentrum, Cologne, Germany
                - SFINX 700 - DJ VADIM live, Sopot, Poland
                - Rutenia Calligraphy Festival, Kiev, Ukraine

                - INTOXICATED DEMONS Galerie "Undoctored Thoughts" Groupshow, Munich
                - STROKE Artfair, Berlin, Germany
                - PYRONALE festival, Berlin, Germany
                - Need for Street festival, Warsaw, Poland
                - Traffic Design festival, Gdynia, Poland
                - La Skribita Vorto, solo exhibition at Zamenhof Center, Bialystok, Poland

                - Traffic Design festival, Gdansk, Poland
                - STROKE Artfair, Berlin, Germany
                - Wiara, Nadzieja, Milosz show at Zamenhof Center, Bialystok, Poland

                - The Second All-Ukrainian Rutenia Calligraphy and Typography
Festival, Kiev, Ukraine
                - Design Exhibition at Silesian Castle of Art and Enterprise, Cieszyn, Poland
                - Design Exhibition at Fabryka Trzciny, Warsaw, Poland
                - Design Exhibition at SCHODY gallery, Cracow, Poland
                - Design Exhibition at International Trade Fair, Poznan, Poland
                - Design Exhibition at Willa Grohman, Lodz Design Festival, Lodz, Poland
                - Design Exhibition at Gdynia Design Days, Gdynia, Poland

                - Poster Exhibition, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

                - Poster Exhibition, Teatr Dramatyczny, Bialystok, Poland


                - STREET MAG light nr2 2012
                - SlowLife &amparden SL; GG 4/2012
                - 2+3D Polish Design Quarterly nr34 (I/2010)
                - Rynek Kolejowy RK 3/2010


                - Best Design graduation project in Poland 2009
                  award by 2+3D Design Quarterly
                - moonsaildesign.com, 50 Inspiring Typography Artists
                - Behance network frontpage feature
                - Typography Served frontpage feature
                - ID Magazine Served frontpage feature
                - Industrial Design Served frontpage feature
                - alt-foundry.com, Weekly Typography Inspiration
                - dailyinspiration.nl, The Art of Typography


2013            - Calligraphy workshops, AKT UMCS, Warsaw, Poland

2011            - Calligraphy workshops, STROKE Artfair, Berlin, Germany

2009            - Calligraphy workshops, Fine Arts Academy, Gdansk, Poland

2003            - Art Workshops with disabled children, Suprasl, Poland